Thursday, April 22, 2010

Carole Taylor mounting a leadership charge with the BC Liberals?

Look at those glasses!

Carole Taylor's name is always mentioned when talk of leadership succession in the BC Liberal party starts. She was a charismatic Finance Minister before quitting to pursue other things in the banking sector (but not before giving the banks a $100 million tax cut), has great glasses, and is seemingly less ideologically driven than Gordon Campbell.

So, is she positioning herself for a leadership run/push? I think so, and here's some random circumstantial evidence:

1. Someone has recently put up a Carole Taylor Facebook page (first post April 3rd).

2. is an automatic link to the BC Liberal Caucus page.

3. She was on Power Play with Tom Clark on CTV today, and she seems to be positioning herself against the HST, saying Gordon Campbell said they wouldn't do it, saying people feel deceived by the government.

4. She's hosting a profile-boosting talk by Bill Clinton on May 20th, hosted by the Vancouver Board of Trade.

So nothing concrete, but it's starting to look like she's positioning herself as the saviour of the BC Liberal party, ready to swoop in and save them from the HST nightmare.

Back from hiatus

Sort of. I'm off work with an injury and getting bored living on the pull-out couch. I can't type much, so I won't be sharing many thoughts, just interesting tidbits and comments that might be worth more than a Facebook post.

For starters, here's a cute picture of a mouse on a toad's back. That's the kind of hard-hitting reading that I've been up to these past few days.

I've also been watching Battlestar Galactica, and it's a pretty good series. It's no West Wing, but it's still good. It's kind of neat to see UBC and SFU and Fraser Valley farmland in a tv show.