Sunday, April 3, 2011

Elect Meena Wong, NDP, in Vancouver South

As some of you know, I am managing Meena Wong's campaign in Vancouver South. For the NDP, in case that was in doubt.

We are having our Campaign Office Official Opening this Wednesday, from 5 - 8pm. Please come on by and enjoy some wonderful samosas, chai, campaign material and friendly campaign talk.

Where: 6655 Main Street, between 50th and 51st on the east side of Main.
When: 5pm - 8pm. Come early, and bring a friend!

Find us on Facebook, at our event page: Campaign Office Opening!

I hope to see you there!


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Barbara Yaffe, Vancouver Sun, anti-union hacks

Barbara Yaffe is a columnist in the Vancouver Sun. Halfways intelligent, she nevertheless has some serious ideological blindspots when it comes to unions. Her recent column merely parroted a report from the Frontier Centre for Public Policy, a "conservative/libertarian think-tank" (their words, not mine) in Winnipeg.

The report claims public sector wages have outgrown private sector wages over the past 11 years, by a substantial amount. spartikus over at The Exile properly takes the report apart (The Fraser Institute B Team) and calls out Yaffe and the Vancouver Sun for their ineptitude.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Some interesting things I've read lately

Here's a quick blog entry to share some interesting things I've been reading:

John Hickenlooper, former mayor of Denver and the newly-elected Governor of Colorado, is a loony. This New York Times piece shares some pretty creative stunts he has pulled, both as an entrepreneur (micro-brewing) and as mayor and gubernatorial candidate. And he seems like a smart guy.

Actor and one-time Republican presidential hopeful Fred Thompson had a significant role in the Watergate hearings, as chief counsel to Republican senators. He asked the famous televised question about whether there was a recording system in the White House, eventually leading to Richard Nixon's resignation.

Primary Colors is a better book than movie. Thanks to Kurt over at your Daily Gumboot for the recommendation. It's a fascinating read, detailing (fictitiously) Bill Clinton's nomination race. I've submitted a blog piece inspired by the book to my erstwhile editor at the Mainstreet; watch for it soon.