Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sni.ps test

Hi everyone. Just testing out a new application some friends developed.

Cultural theories of risk and the rise of emergence systems | eaves.ca

Mary Douglas, an anthropologist studying traditional African religion observed that different societies feared different sorts of threats, and that these differences correlated with differences in their social structure. Later, Douglas argued that social structures differ along two principal axes: “grid” and “group (see graph).”

Did it work? Seems to have. I'll have to ask the friends what it's all about. Check out www.sni.ps for more info. From their site:

Sni.ps | Know The Source

With sni.ps, content capture and attribution as easy as click and embed. Sni.ps tracks the original source of content, whether that’s a quote, a photo, video or a flash object. You respect your sources while you share content with your readers.