Monday, April 6, 2009

Extended absence

Hi everyone (if there is anyone left),

I just wanted to apologize for the lack of notice about the extended absence. Work and stuff got in the way of blogging. I will remain away until after May 12th (election day in BC!).


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boomy said...

Just thinking that Wally should have stayed where he was. Then maybe Dileep would have had a chance out here in Delta South. Could he have actually won against Gabriel like Heed did? We are hoping for Wally to win the final count here, so we can end our Independent's run for provincial office once and for all.

Don't know if we stand a chance next time with Miss Independant. But without her, we might be able to build the constituency over the next four years by reminding citizens that a vote for our independent is a vote for the Liberals. Some of VH's strongest supporters were NDP'ers last election. Others were quoted as saying if VH got in, then it's ok if the Liberals won overall.

Strategic voting is what sunk us in the end here. We had numerous NDPers tell us they wanted the Liberals out so bad, they were willing to cross over to VH this time. Our vote ended up being half of what it was last time, although some of that might be attributed to internal head office decisions during and before the election.

Seems I may now have the bug for this politics thing and will likely be around for the next few kicks at the can. Great people in the organization, we just have to win this next time.