Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dr. Fixed-love, or How I stopped worrying and learned not to rely on Mac Station

Those of you that have been following my trials and tribulations with my laptop will be please to know that there has been some resolution. I am happily typing this on my newly reconfigured computer, as functional as can be. I wasn't able to save my data, but I did back everything up a few months ago, so I should be fine. I probably lost some pictures, some random files, some music, but nothing too important.*

I'm going to call the manager of Mac Station tomorrow and see if he's even heard of my case and whether they've considered any sort of action. I'm not too optimistic. In the meantime I guess I'll start going through my back-up files and see what's worth keeping.

This is a pretty boring post, sorry. Lesson learned, though. When taking a computer in for service, find a store with a good reputation, get some sort of guarantee of service, i.e. "We'll look at it and call you Monday.", and get it in writing if possible.

Pre-posting update:

Oct. 22nd - I called and left another message for the manager, didn't hear back. Guess I'll try again tomorrow.

* What I really wanted to save was six months of Football Manager.

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