Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Liberal MLA Harry Bloy calls protestors "terrorists"

Yep, terrorists. Because they terrorize. Harry, it's an Olympic flame, not the Baghdad Hotel. Here is what he said in the legislature and afterward:

"You know, there was a disappointing factor about the Olympics. It was that 200-odd group of terrorists who came to Victoria from across Canada to interrupt the Games."


"They do not understand, these terrorists, the potential goodwill and economic benefits that come from these Games, because they have a limited intellect and do not understand how the world truly operates."

This from a guy who dresses up like a Boy Scout.

I know, that was a cheap shot. Also, I couldn't find an image of it on the web, which makes me wonder if it's true. Nor could I find an image of the horses that were terrorized or the marbles that were thrown under their hooves. If an image doesn't exist on the internet, did the event happen? Over at Brenton writes we're pretty doubtful.

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Brenton said...

Fixed the link to the news story re: what Harry Bloy said.