Sunday, November 28, 2010

Liberal insider blogs about Carole James...

... then deletes the page when he's wrong.

Brian Keiran is a Liberal insider-type that many of you will know more about than I do. He has a blog, writing about BC politics and such.

The other day he posted a piece saying that Carole James was likely done by last Sunday, November 21st. Surprise, surprise, she survived a call for a leadership review, with 84% in support of her. That piece that Keiran wrote is now deleted from his site.

Here's the deleted text:

If James makes it to sundown Sunday I will be amazed

NDP leader Carole James has just endured a public flogging by her ex-whip. And, the only person who does seem to get it is James. Her caucus is in full revolt many hours before this weekend’s Provincial Council blood bath is scheduled to begin.
Today caucus whip Katrine Conroy, flanked by three of her socialist sisters including Jenny Kwan, pulled the pin because of James’ bungling purge of dissident Cariboo MLA Bob Simpson.
Conroy (Kootenay West) announced her resignation saying she does not have the support of her leader. This is pretty damning stuff. Conroy’s job as whip for the past five years has been to ride herd on caucus solidarity.
More damning still ... neither Conroy nor her solidarity sisters would offer reporters even faint praise for the ongoing legitimacy of James’ leadership.
This development has all but overwhelmed the impact of James’ endorsement yesterday by a host of NDP ghosts who came out of retirement to support their beleaguered leader.
And, proving that no good deed goes unpunished, a Mustel Group poll released today is chock full of grim foreboding for James.
The poll taken after Premier Gordon Campbell announced his long goodbye has the Liberals at 37 per cent support (up four points since September) and the NDP ahead at 42 per cent, the same level of support they enjoyed in September and when they lost the 2009 election.
In short the NDP is flat lining and has been unable to capitalize on the very public, messy and embarrassing Liberal implosion. To make matters worse, James approval rating has plummeted from 42 to 33 per cent since September and her disapproval rating has jumped nine points to 45 per cent.
This latest poll confirms what other pollsters have been tracking as well. (In my Wednesday posting below I cited similar trending by Angus Reid.)
The list of 16 prominent retired NDP MLAs supporting James’ leadership includes former premier Mike Harcourt and many members of his 1990s cabinet and caucus who were party moderates.
Sadly, their eleventh hour support matters little in the face Conroy’s resignation and polling numbers that suggest James’ leadership credibility is eroding rapidly just when it should be shooting through the roof.


Stephen Elliott-Buckley said...

i'm sure it's just a technical difficulty that the post is down. :)

but if not, i think there's nothing wrong about being wrong. hearty speculation and exploration of possibilities, then making a commitment should be valid.

and if not, if it's a case of ego about appearing wrong, that's a larger problem.

perhaps i'm reveling in the slim possibility, but i'm fine tossing out the following pieces that may prove to have little grounding in future reality, but thinking outside the box is a valuable activity:

Premier Abbott and the September 24, 2011 BC Election:

and one of my favourites:

Prime Minister Layton and Proportional Representation:

Brenton said...

I agree, nothing wrong with being wrong. Just thought it odd that he pulled it.

To be fair, I don't know much about him. I should have written "former columnist and Liberal insider", perhaps.