Thursday, June 20, 2013

The best campaign email I ever received

Full Moon MOONday 04 18 201104:9:2011 or 6:9:11 or 04:11:11=8 moon (luna not lilith).Another day dedicated to the man in the moon -ALLAH=SIN=SIoN. Let's see what Bilderberg SATANIST STEPHEN HARPER has in store for CANADA today!? The real Canadian Bilderberg agenda has nothing to do with health care, marriage or Charter Rights. The real hidden agenda is that Mssrs. Martin, Harper, Harris, Manning and Klein all agree on one thing: that Canada must integrate further with the USA, Agenda Hidden by Both Parties
I can guarantee you that the real hidden agenda is not the Conservative's position on medicare, marriage or any other social issue - all these are political strawmen to give the illusion of choice. The choice seems to be between a corrupt incumbent government offering social liberties and a challenging (hopefully less corrupted)government that offers economic liberties.Either way, we're gonna get a party in power that integrates Canada with the US and makes us more dependent on this market.
Arrest him before he goes to the Antichrist's wedding.

April 1-15 2011
Hypothesis- If the Queen worships Satan and the POPE worships SATAN, then those who pledge allegiance to them, are also SATANISTS.
04 14 2011=11:11= 13-NEW WORLD ORDER and MASS GENOCIDE. $$$$ SATANIC ILLEGAL WAR TAX funded CANADIAN poliTICS continue their LIEs on $$$BEAST FUNDED TEEVEE$$$. Kiss your country and sovereignty goodbye.-BIG BROTHER SATANISTS (secret societies) PLEDGE their allegiance to a SATANIC POPE KING and a DRAGONIAN QUEEN LIZARDBETHYOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE CANADA, if you vote these guys in. You have been warned.
Question to pose to federal election candidates at upcoming all candidates meetings across Canada, concerningCanada's complicity in genocide:
On March 24, Prime Minister Steven Harper was issued a Public Summons by an International Tribunal in London, England to answer charges of concealing the murder of children in Canada's Indian residential schools. Considering that Canada's so-called Truth and Reconciliation Commission has no mandate to bring criminal charges against the government and churches responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of these children,
Will you support an international investigation into crimes in Canadian Indian residential schools - and if not, why not? Please film or record the candidates' responses to this question and forward them to me, and announce the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) and our websites at the meetings.
And please share this youtube link to my delivery of the ITCCS Summons to PM Harper on March 24:

Antichrist King will I AM ARTHUR Vlad Dracul Count Dracula
Moonday-04 11 2011 = 6-11-11 SioNist one party system ELECTIONS in HARPIGGYland
$$$vote$$$ for your favourite GLOBAL GOVERNMENT SATANIST
-I'm in Fantino Fascism Land currently. York Region, Ontario, CANADA CORPinc, Vatican Invaded, Original castles/churches are Holy Grail Templar buildings.
JESUits have to get their phalluses into everything, inorder to control the MASSES of SHEEPle. Monarchyrenamed CANIndian land into British landmarks. Streets are named after masonic military murderers, orsacrificed soldiers.
NICE 999666$$$ BEAST SYSTEM- we have in charge of our FREE country??? Keep crashing websites of innocent teachers to try and push your ULTIMATE SLAVE AGENDA? Shame on you. I am going to have to kick start interNATIONal schools back up in Richmond Hill, where I was almost assassinated. UNIONS protectthe school boards, not the employee. $$$ protects $$$.
Big Pedophile Brother stole my pension, blocked my emails, harassed my clients and tutors and sent full blownwitchcraft my way. . I had to shut the down. Homeless and BLACK BALLED from working ever again, I moved back home to Sault Ste Marie and lived under ABUSIVE ROMAN MIND CONTROL RULE since 2004.
Children reading in 8 hours. WHAT is the problem here? $$$SATAN$$$. BUT I AM BACK and we are going to WALDORF the PLANet from HERE. COMMUNITY CURRENCY STYLE. What you have is what you have, when the grid goes downThere is NO such thing as JUNKBe creative. Be 100% shared in your community tribe and be ready to teach, learn, buy and sell amongst eachother. Those ROMAN CATHOLIC SCHOOLS belong to the Chidren of the LIGHT, not to PEDOPHILE SATANISTS. BYE BYE.
LOOKS like ANTICHRiST Prince William ( KING VLAD Dracul/ the Impaler/ Draken) will marry on Hitler's wedding day- 04 29 2011 =6-11-11=10=aton=marduk ra and sacrifice the virgin, who will be reborn on the3rd day as LIZARDBETH, to TRY and RULE and REIGN again in a different hijacked HUMAN skin. Blaming Islam for a potential terrorist attack? RIGHT- Vatican-British bloody vampires are always behind the terrors portrayed on their media..
GOD is watching you. Angels have their fingers on the STOP ARMAGEDDON BUTTON. We won't move intoChrist Consciousness in CANADA, until after a major WAKEUP catastrophe. Other lands will be fooled by theass-ended masterfrom Shamballa 4d HELL.
-KARMA is individulally DUE, so prepare your SOUL for the RIDE that you have created for yourselves.
NAMASTE. EDEN will begin in YORK REGION. RICHMOND HILLBYE BYE LIZARDBETH. OFF this PLANet. Decapitation is the only way to kill a demon.
Dana Horochowski
468 Northern Ave E
Sault Ste  Marie, Ontario, P6B 4J1
416-419-9023 ( voicemail),

Join us in a PEACEFUL New Paradigm of Universal Oneness, Serenity and Prosperity for All.
We need a Network of People with Integrity and an OPEN heart to make our future a better place.

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