Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Beer in 2013

Beer in Vancouver in 2013:

Brewery: Brassneck, hands down. Stellar beer after stellar beer, produced in just a few months since they opened this Fall. Growler fill-ups available in 1.9L, 1L and 473mL sizes. Necessitates a weekly visit.

Beer: Driftwood Sartori 2013. Ridiculously good. Fresh, gorgeously hoppy, wonderfully balanced.

Go-to: Brassneck Passive Aggressive. I always fill up one bottle with PA, one with another. Driftwood Crooked Coast in the bottle.

Pleasant surprise: Brassneck Young B'stard. I loved seeing a mild bitter produced in Vancouver. 3.5%, not overly carbonated, and very, very smoothly delicious.

Disappointment: Central City ESB. It's muddy and too hoppy. Tastes like someone wanted to put a "westcoast" spin on a classic style.

Pub/drinking establishment: Hard to see past the usuals here, Alibi Room and St. Augustine's. But special mention should go to the new tasting lounges at Brassneck and 33 Acres.

Non-BC beer: Anchor Liberty Ale. I have no idea how mass-produced Anchor beers are, but this is a stellar beer that seems to be widely distributed. I always enjoyed their Steam, but this is a big step up.

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