Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Community Coach Senior (June 30)

This weekend I became a certified soccer coach. (Senior is for 14+, not 65+.) It was a fairly simple course over two days, involving some team management skills, skills progression and game management. Nothing too revelatory, though I am a little excited about putting together some skills progression drills for my team. Super-dorky, I know.

Coaching is an interesting aspect of football, one that I think I will seriously pursue. I enjoy thinking about the game almost as much as I enjoy playing it, and with my knees and ankle the way they are, playing it is becoming increasingly difficult. Boo.

Edit: This was the best thing I've read about the Euro Cup so far: "Spain's win has been about good technique and imagination - something that the English, for all their boasting about their over-hyped and inflated Premier League, would do well to note. You never know, this tournament might just influence people to play football again. Stranger things have happened."

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