Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My urban garden (May 23, 2008)

By urban I mean tiny, and on my balcony. I have planted herbs, two tomato plants (thanks, Lynn) and a strawberry this year. I have also saved two herb plants that barely held on this winter.

Herbs: Three thyme plants, flat parsley, celery leaf (not sure if this is a real plant), garlic chives (seem flavourless so far), oregano and two basil groupings. I can buy huge bunches of basil in my neighbourhood for $1, so the basil groupings are as much for fun as anything else.

I realized last year that growing food plants was neither economical (see basil comment above) nor particularly productive. I think I got 5 tomatoes last year. For me the reward is in seeing the plants grow, handling them when I re-pot, and having green things gently blowing in the breeze while I sit on my miniscule balcony and read in the sun.

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