Tuesday, September 9, 2008


So I just put it together: Vancouver-Centre will be a race between Lorne Mayencourt for the Conservatives, Hedy Fry for the Liberals and Michael Byers for the NDP. Wild. This will be a cage-match to be watched.

Mayencourt: Bizarre fellow. BC Liberal MLA for the riding-ish? Known for the Safe Streets Act. Outspoken and full of contradictions.
Fry: Sitting MP for the riding. Loved by the gay community for her work as a doctor in the 80s when AIDS was first emerging. On occasion has said ridiculous things.
Byers: UBC professor of International Relations. Outspoken on George W. Bush and Canada's engagement in Afghanistan.

Edit: If that isn't enough, we also get Adriane Carr from the Greens, founder and former leader of the provincial party.

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Anonymous said...

You're right about Mayencourt being bizarre, talk about contradictions! He's gone from supporting the safe injection site, to running for the federal conservatives who have been incredibly vocal about their opposition to it. He wants safe streets, but beats up panhandlers which really isn't fixing anything but contributing to the problem and finally wants to protect gay kids from being bullied but passes a law with out including the word gay in it. Furthermore, he's a fiscal conservative that has been bankrupt, twice, the man is full of contradictions. You're right though, it's going to be quite the race.