Monday, December 1, 2008

Parliament to be prorogued?

From a Conservative press conference today with Jim Prentice and James Moore: - Not with a bang but a press conference

5:58:39PM Question from CanWest: Is proroguing “on the table”? The government will consider “all options” - but Keith Boag wonders what other options there *are*, exactly.

Does the government have any precedent for *its* position, wonders another reporter. The precedence is “common sense”, according to Prentice. Which isn’t actually precedence.

And this from a completely unreliable source:

A supposed Conservative staffer in Ottawa just wrote to my friend (a journalist) that they just concluded a meeting where they (some MPs and staff) were informed that Parliament would in fact be prorogued this week.

I say supposed because my friend doesn't know who it is he is emailing with. He was trying to find out what the story was with the Draft John Baird website, and in his email exchange with the anonymous contact person they mentioned the above tidbit.

So, totally unsubstantiated and most likely a piece of propaganda from an opposition party. Still, pretty fun.

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