Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Vancouver City Council's first meeting, Dec. 8th.

The short version: It was boring and lasted 25 minutes. You can watch the action here.

Slightly longer version:

Democracy in action, folks. Welcome to the boring side of civic politics. The exciting bits happen in the media, I gather. For instance: Frances Bula reports yesterday about the projects that city staff will be undertaking in the near future, and some of it is pretty exciting stuff (if you're a civic politics nerd): establishing the Homeless Emergency Action Team (HEAT), moving the sustainability office into the main corporate management office, and creating a list of all the landlords who have had orders from the city to comply with city maintenance standards, including the outcomes of those complaints. Scintillating stuff there.

In the council meeting nothing really happened. (See the meeting agenda and minutes.) There was motion after motion adopting recommendations for appointments to committee and regional bodies. That's it. There was some joking about Raymond Louie's penchant for seconding, and Gregor jokingly hoped that all meetings would be so easy.

I didn't think it would be a razzle-dazzle affair, but I did expect a bit more... I don't know what. I also expected that more people would be there watching. Maybe they all knew it would be boring.

Our new Vancouver City Council: Starting from the bottom, going clockwise:
Geoff Meggs, Kerry Jang, George Chow, David Cadman (away), Gregor Robertson, Tim Stevenson, Heather Deal, Suzanne Anton, Andrea Reimer, Ellen Woodsworth.

Mayor Gregor Robertson, complete with the chains of office.

A sceptre for bonking councillors if they step out of line.


Nina said...

Hey - why all the ladies (and Tim) on one side?

Brenton said...

There's some formula that assigns seats. Something to do with seniority and the number of votes they got. We speculated wildly (well, not that wildly) about it, then asked a nice clerk.

Things that interest Ed said... there a way I can get a high resolution version of the top image in this story for print in a book about Canadian Municipal Government?

Brenton said...

I will try to find the photo, but I can't remember where it will be.