Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Years resolutions - Mozart and my grandfather's cuff links.

I'm not sure I've ever made a New Year's resolution. N and I were discussing what we would like to do differently in the new year, and I came up with one idea:

I'm going to listen to more classical music.

I've largely stopped listening to most forms of music, though I'm not sure exactly why. It may be the demise of the cd; I don't like playing around with iTunes that much to make playlists, and find myself listening to the same thing, or I put iTunes on random and let it go.

This fall, though, we finally hooked up our record player. I've got a decent collection of records, mostly classic rock, and having a working record player is a treat. I also have a small but varied collection of classical: one or two records of each of the greats.

I remember Mozart blasting as my mom and I baked in the kitchen, or read in the living room. So, I've decided to listen to more classical music. So far I'm dong pretty good. I've played Beethoven's 6th a few times, and a mish-mash of Tchaikovsky. Mozart can wait.

I also want to buy a shirt with French cuffs. I have some cuff links that I inherited from my grandfather, and they're just sitting there in the brass box on my bedside table. I almost bought one while in Toronto, but at $150 it was a little pricey. I'll start looking.

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