Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Professor Peter Ladner

Ever wonder what Peter Ladner is up to these days? It recently came to my attention that he is teaching urban studies for a semester or two at SFU, for their notable Semester in Dialogue program:
The Undergraduate Semester in Dialogue addresses what we believe is the principal challenge for contemporary education: to inspire students with a sense of civic responsibility, encourage their passion to improve Canadian society, and develop innovative intellectual tools for effective problem solving. Each semester we develop an original and intensive learning experience that uses dialogue to focus student education on public issues.

This is from the SFU release from October:
Under the project title Planning Cities as if Food Matters, Ladner will teach in the spring 2010 Undergraduate Semester in Dialogue program Finding Space, Understanding Place: Redesigning our Region for Resilience.

He will also be researching and writing a book of the same name and participating in related workshops and dialogues.

It's probably a good fit for the former councilor and mayoral candidate, who championed community gardens as a councilor. Not as soft a landing as Larry Campbell, but a lot more clear than what Sam Sullivan is up to.

PS. I'm trying to upload a photo but my lovable laptop, aftera bout with sickness, is refusing to cooperate. I really wanted a photoshopped image of Mr. Ladner in a straw hat.

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