Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Some interesting stories

Not much to say, just a few links to interesting stories I read today:

Frances Bula's four page story on the two mayoral candidates in September's Vancouver Magazine. An interesting comparison, mostly using their backgrounds as indicators of how they might govern if elected.  

Tony Clement is ridiculous, again. This time he was telling the CMA that they are unethical if they support Insite. How does he still have his ministerial post? A couple weeks ago he told an AIDS conference that he supported the WHO's harm reduction strategy but not supervised injection sites, which are part of that strategy...SMRT...(if the links don't work, thank the Globe and Mail's ridiculous policy of restricting access to older stories). 

London (Ont.) just banned the sale of bottled water on city facilities. Is this something Vancouver would consider? City Councilor Tim Stevenson supports it.

Chinese protesters have to apply to protest at the Olympics (and any time, I guess). Not surprisingly, no applications have been approved yet. 

When was the last time you read a story about Rwanda? Facing a tuberculosis problem, the Minisrty of Health is building hospitals with better natural ventilation, with help from designers at Harvard and the Clinton Foundation. 

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