Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Vancouver Pride Parade

I attended the Pride Parade with Vision Vancouver and had a great time. Great ol' time. Lovely. And fun. I highly recommend it. I think I'll try to post some pictures on here.

That wasn't very hard at all. I've got more, though none are as good as this one.

The Vision crew was pretty big and chanted and we gave out fruit. (How perfect is that?) Next year I'm going to suggest a huge banner that reads: 
Vision Vancouver loves local fruits! 

I would have liked to see better costumes and less clothes, though. There was plenty on display, but our contingent didn't get great cheers for our display of Pride-ness. 

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Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, well are you sure some of it wasn't grown in California? In all seriously they need to join all the veterans, sexuality, and so on parades into on political prostitution and photo-op parade.
Save some time for the reason we pay for roads.

I'd prefer a pro-privacy dignity parade.


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