Sunday, June 27, 2010

World Cup Day 16 results: Yanks go home! (as a directive in a chant)

Day Sixteen

prediction: Uruguay 2-1 South Korea - "we should see some fast, attacking football"
Well, that's nice to get one completely right for a change. Uruguay sat back a bit too much in the second half and were punished for it, but generally this was a lively, very watchable match. After conceding the tying goal, Uruguay went back into attack mode and deserved to win. Suarez's second was a piece of perfection:

Uruguay 2-1 South Korea

Simão | MySpace Video

prediction: USA 1-1 Ghana, US win on penalties
I really feel that I got this one right, even though I got it wrong. It was 1-1 after 90 minutes. Here are my relevant predictions:

1. "I think [Ghana] will finally get [a goal from open play]" - check
2. "The US can score and won't give up if they go a goal down" - check
3. "I hope Asamoah Gyan gets the goal he deserves" - check:

USA 1-2 Ghana

Simão | MySpace Video

So I missed the final result. I was quite happy to. See ya later, Landycakes.

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