Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Cup Day Two: predictions, results and such

England keeper Robert Green having a better game than yesterday

Day Two predictions:
South Korea 1-0 Greece
Argentina 3-0 Nigeria
England 1-1 USA

I just inadvertently saw the result for the SK-Greece game (2-0 win for the Reds*), so I'm pretty good so far today.

UPDATE: I had a good prediction day. 3 for 3 on results, with that big 1-1 draw.


me: South Korea win 1-0 Greece. Right result, half-wrong score. The Greeks didn't play as negatively as I thought, and the Koreans showed more flair than I thought. Two really nice goals were the difference.

me: Argentina win 3-0 Nigeria. Right result, half-wrong score. Again the keeper thwarted my high score prediction, turning away more than a few really good shots that would have hit the corners. Argentina played very well, but Nigeria managed to weather the storm and looked dangerous themselves, just missing the final touch. Maradona didn't do anything too crazy yet.

me: England 1-1 USA. Right result, right score! Some poor defending left Gerrard wide open to score for England, then a gaffe led to the US goal. A decent game in which the Americans were outplayed but held firm at the back. England were typically frustrating.


Want to know the nickname of all the national teams? Good ol' Wikipedia has a great list with translations and everything. Most are simply based on the colour of the shirts (Les Bleus, the Azzurri, etc). My favourite right now? North Korea are Thousand-mile Horse. The list may be a bit suspect: Greece are listed as The Pirate Ship.

* That's South Korea in case anyone couldn't guess. Greece play in blue and white.

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