Sunday, June 27, 2010

World Cup Day 18 predictions: What's better than roses on a piano?

Day 18 could be a goalfest, though after today I'm afraid we might have used up our quota. The Dutch face Slovakia in what could be the easiest game to call*, and Brazil matches up with Chile. Let's get right to it.

Netherlands v. Slovakia

The Dutch will score a few more. Expect them to shoot often and from all over the park. Robben might finally start after coming off the bench against Cameroon, not that the Dutch are short of attacking options. They haven't really been tested at the back, but despite their three goals against Italy, Slovakia likely won't provide that test. Watching Italy defend was cringeworthy; the Dutch haven't been great but they haven't been incompetent either.

Slovakia should just be happy to be in the Round of 16; it's anyone's guess how they'll react. They are creative going forward and fairly organized at the back, but if they couldn't stop Italy or Paraguay from scoring then I don't like their chances against the Dutch.

I think a 2-0 win to the Oranje. (That's Dutch for orange.)

Brazil v. Chile

I think we might see a replay of the Spain-Chile match, but with fewer chances. Chile's high-pressure, high-octane game will be eventful and attractive but they will likely get caught out at the back. This is the best defence they've faced, and I just wonder if they might not have the answers for it. Yes, they may force some turnovers and mistakes, but Brazil are quite solid at the back.

I would rather see Chile go through, because they've been the more exciting side, but Brazil are favourites to win the whole thing for good reason. 2-1 to them.

World Cup mascots

My partner N has done some needle-felting for the tournament. This is me and Argentina going for a walk on Granville Island today. Watch for more to come; Luke, there's a red and yellow Ghana in the works.

Oh, and bonus points if you finish the joke in the title. Hint: it alludes to the Nether-lands. Hah.

* Please be right, please be right, please be right


Luc said...

tulips on an organ

Brenton said...

And we have a winner. That worked on two levels.

Brad Fallon said...

What time is the cricket world cup match between India and England expected to last?

Brenton said...

Brad, I have no idea. This was a post about the World Cup of Soccer, held last year.

last minutec ostume ideas said...

What new technology or predictions has Creation science produced and independently verified?

Herman Miller Aeron said...

Where can I find music for "Kiss from a rose" piano instrumental music?