Sunday, June 20, 2010

World Cup Day Ten: Italy suck

Day Ten predictions - a little after the fact

prediction: Paraguay 2-1 Slovakia
Haven't watched this yet, not sure if I'll bother.

prediction: Italy 1-0 New Zealand.
result: Italy 1-1 New Zealand
Guess I got this one wrong. I really, really hope Italy don't make it through the group stages. What a dull team. They were really dreadful, and barely deserved a draw against New Zealand, a team that many had picked as the worst in the tournament. They lack speed, creativity, intent, and motivation. Their backline is old and looks slow.

prediction: Brazil 2-1 Cote d'Ivoire
The game has just started. Nothing to report, except that Drogba is starting. Oh, and the Ivorians are playing in striped shirts, green and white horizontal. Quite nice. UPDATE: It's 3-0, after a handballed goal from Luis Fabiano* and a nice pass by Kaka for an Elano goal.

*After the uproar over the Henry handball, I'm just waiting for all the Irish fans to get super upset about it... wait, most fans are completely self-interested and only care when cheating hurts their team.

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