Sunday, June 13, 2010

World Cup Day Three: predictions and surprises

South Korea beat Italy in 2002. Will there be surprises this time?

My predictions: (I swear I haven't seen the early results)

Slovenia beat Algeria 2-0
Serbia beat Ghana 1-0
Germany beat Australia 2-1

I'm really hoping Slovenia pick it up a notch and make Group C interesting. If they win this morning and take a point off the US and England they could have a chance of going through. Craig Forrest, ex-Canadian keeper and Sportsnet commentator has even picked them above the US. I think it's a pretty long shot.

Serbia are my dark horse picks to do well, but only if they get out of the group; both Ghana and Australia will challenge them for second in Group D. Germany should win. This game between Serbia and Ghana could determine the group.


There are always surprises at big tournaments. In 2002 South Korea made it to the semis (on some questionable reffing calls), in 2006 the Ukraine made it to the quarters. In 1998 Nigeria and Paraguay made it through the group stage ahead of Spain and Croatia made it to the semis.

I haven't picked any. Serbia or Mexico could go to the semis, and Spain could get knocked out in the Round of 16 by Portugal or Cote d'Ivoire. All three scenarios are possible. Also look for an African team to do better than I've predicted (which is: only one team out of the groups, and then eliminated in the Round of 16).

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