Monday, June 21, 2010

World Cup Day 11: Will today be the day all the results make sense?

Day Eleven predictions - on my way to a .500 record?

Portugal 1-0 North Korea
North Korea put in a stellar performance against Brazil. Playing Portugal may be a letdown. Portugal aren't Brazil, but they're still quite good.

Chile 2-0 Switzerland
Switzerland can't keep it up forever. Chile deserved more goals in their opener.

Spain 2-0 Honduras
Spain will score goals at the World Cup. Just depends on how soon that happens, and if they change their tactics. Honduras won't be as organized as the Swiss.

I think I'm 13 and 16 on the tournament so far. With these three correct guesses, I'll be back to .500; I've only got all three right once, though, so I don't like my chances.

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