Friday, June 25, 2010

World Cup Days 14 (Italy are out!) and 15 (Boring Brazil?)

See ya later, suckas.

A little behind the times over here, so some retroactive predictions:

Day Fourteen

prediction: Italy 1-0 Slovakia
I was so happy to be wrong on this one. Good riddance to boring, crap Italy. How is it that the only time they look good and score is in the last half of their last group game? They still looked old and at times lazy, but at least they showed some passion near the end. On the first of Slovakia's goals, however, the Italian defence looked asleep, and it only got worse, as they didn't react or anticipate the cross on the second goal and completely failed to pick up the runner on the third. Maybe picking the starting Juventus backline (3 of 4, anyway) wasn't the best idea, considering they finished 7th in Serie A and conceded 56 goals over a 38-game season, including 7 in their last 3 matches.

Well done to Slovakia, who were so much better than their last game against Paraguay and could be a spoiler in the Round of 16.

prediction: Paraguay 2-0 New Zealand
New Zealand didn't register a shot all game, and apparently their keeper did very well. Paraguay comfortably go through, while New Zealand had a respectable showing, not losing a game.

prediction: Cameroon 1-2 Netherlands
Netherlands cruised to an easy win in the end; Cameroon attacked and did show some intent, though they never really looked like winning. Robin van Persie finally scored, and Robben came on and set up a goal.

prediction: Denmark 1-1 Japan
Finally Japan show some solid attacking intent. Brilliant goals from two freekicks.

And back up to speed:

Day Fifteen (results posted here)

prediction: Portugal 1-2 Brazil
result: Nothing too exciting so far.
Brazil are resting some players, and Dunga seems happy to have his team be careful and not give up anything at the back. Portugal are solid at the back, as usual, and haven't had much threatening possession. UPDATE: 61st minute, Portugal should have scored.

prediction: North Korea 0-1 Cote d'Ivoire
It would be nice for Cote d'Ivoire to have a good showing; a decent result and the North Korean players may avoid the workfarms. Both team are virtually eliminated, so should have nothing to lose.

prediction: Chile 1-2 Spain
Spain need to win, while Chile are almost assured of going through. Spain need to attack, need to get goals, but Chile will be dangerous hitting them on the counter.

prediction: Switzerland 1-1 Honduras
It should be an exciting match, as Switzerland could go through. But I have a feeling this will be boring. I'm hoping for goals, but this could just as easily be 0-0.

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