Tuesday, June 29, 2010

World Cup Quarterfinal 3: Argentina v. Germany

Quarterfinal Game 3 - Argentina v. Germany

7am Saturday morning.

This is the match of the round. Both teams can score; neither will sit back and defend. The big question will be whether Germany can restrict Messi and Co. They've certainly looked very good at the back, and should provide sterner resistance than Argentina have seen thus far. Second, will the Argentine defence hold when faced with a fast, skilled attack? My guess is no.

Now it is entirely possible that Messi and Higuain and DiMaria will overwhelm the German defence. But Neuer has had a good tournament and will provide a solid last line of defence in the net.

(I'm heading out for the long weekend so haven't written much on this game or the Spain . Paraguay match. Or at least not as much as I did for Netherlands v. Brazil. Enjoy this game; it should be a corker.)

2-1 to Germany

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Argentina vs Germany Quarter Final
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